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The Coalition is governed by a Board of Directors, with one seat for each of the participating industry sectors. These seats are not held by commercial entities but are held by trade organization representatives from the various sectors.


Founding Board Members

Jeffrey Burke Jeffrey Burke,
Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus
January 2005 - October 2011
Jane Kinne Jane Kinne,
Co-Founder & Director Emeritus
January 2004 - November 2007
Jeff Sedlik Jeff Sedlik,
Co-Founder, President & CEO

Representative Board Members

Roger Feldman Chairman of the Board:
Roger Feldman,
Gene Mopsik Vice Chairman of the Board, & Creators:
Gene Mopsik,
American Photographic Artists (APA)
Bonnie Beacher Secretary of the Board, & Publishers:
Bonnie Beacher,
American Association of Publishers (AAP)
Jim Alexander Reproduction Rights Organizations:
Jim Alexander,
International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO)
Cathy Aron Picture Libraries:
Cathy Aron,
PACA: Digital Media Licensing Association (PACA)
Daniel Dennehy Museums and Galleries:
Daniel Dennehy,
Museum Computer Network (MCN)
Judy Feldman Multi-Industry:
Judy Feldman,
American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP)
Carol A. Mandel Libraries:
Carol A. Mandel,
Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
Clement Mok Advertising and Design:
Clement Mok,
American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
Greg Reser Educational Institutions:
Greg Reser,
Visual Resources Association (VRA)