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The PLUS Coalition is operated on a non-profit, cost-recovery basis, supported by optional contributions from its "Supporting Members" and "Sustaining Members" in more than thirty countries.

While basic PLUS Registry listings and searches are free, and while the use of the PLUS standards is free, Supporting and Sustaining members receive additional benefits including unique PLUS identifiers, access to enhanced features of the Registry, listings in the PLUS Showcase, promotional benefits, the option to participate in PLUS standards activities and more.

PLUS welcomes all individuals and organizations from all user communities in all countries to join the PLUS Coalition as Supporting or Sustaining members. For simplicity we have stated the contribution amounts in US Dollars below. We welcome contributions in any currency.

If you have questions about PLUS membership, please contact
PLUS by email at membership@useplus.org

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Individuals and For-Profit Companies/Organizations
To allow any interested professional or business to afford to join the PLUS Coalition, the supporting contribution required of individuals and for-profit organizations is a sliding scale based upon the number of people employed on the current date, including the owner/s. Please note the $50 Association Member Discount listed below.

0-1 Employees$125
Up to 3 Employees$250
Up to 10 Employees$500
Up to 25 Employees$750
Up to 50 Employees$1000
Up to 100 Employees$1500
Up to 250 Employees$2500
Up to 500 Employees$3500
More than 500 Employees$5000

Non-Profit Organizations, Schools & Institutions
To allow any non-profit organization to participate, supporting contributions are steeply reduced, and start at $125 per year for small organizations with less than $250,000 USD in annual gross revenue. If your organization's annual gross revenue exceeds $250,000, please contact PLUS to determine your annual supporting contribution.

Students and Educators
Students and educators currently enrolled/employed by an accredited college or university offering degree programs may select Student or Educator membership, a form of "associate membership" in the PLUS Coalition. Does not include voting rights, and does not include the ability to register licenses in the PLUS Registry. Students and educators at workshops, seminars and non-accredited institutions should join PLUS as "Individual and For-profit Company/Organization" members.


To support and encourage participation in all trade associations, the PLUS Coalition provides a $50 discount to current members of any trade association that is a paid Supporting Member of the PLUS Coalition in good standing. To determine if your association is a PLUS Supporting member, click "Join PLUS Now."

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In addition to basic "Supporting Membership," PLUS offers "Sustaining Membership" and "Leadership Circle" membership for those individuals and organizations in a position to provide additional financial and logistical support to the Coalition. Sustaining Members receive enhanced benefits, including broad exposure to the Coalition's worldwide audience in all participating industries. Please contact PLUS for more information about Sustaining and Leadership Circle memberships.

For those organizations wishing to support the PLUS Coalition and receive promotional benefits without joining PLUS as a member, PLUS offers "Sponsorship" opportunities. Please contact PLUS for more information about Sponsorship.

PLUS partners with leading publications and other media. Please contact PLUS for more information about Media Partnership.