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Use the PLUS Media Selector to explore the PLUS Media Matrix, an international image licensing standard. Developed and approved for use by all industries involved in making, distributing and using images, the Media Matrix is a database, organizing media categories, media types and media options into a universal structure for use in image licensing interfaces. The Media Matrix is designed to reside "under the hood" of web and desktop applications used in image licensing, digital asset management and imaging. Learn more about Media Matrix.

The PLUS Media Selector is a demonstration tool, taking you step-by-step through a normally automated process, allowing you to view and understand functions related to the Matrix that would otherwise be hidden from view, such as the process by which Matrix-IDs, Media Usage Codes and Media Summary Codes are generated. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select a Media Usage using the below menus. The Matrix IDs for that usage will be combined and displayed as a Media Usage Code representing that one usage
  2. Optional: Add another usage either by cloning and modifying an existing usage or by building a new usage. The PLUS standard allows you to specify multiple usages in a single license.
  3. Generate a PLUS Media Summary Code representing all of the usages that you have specified.
Usage Number
The PLUS Standard is designed to allow a single license to hold multiple "Media Usages." In this demonstration, Usage # "A" will be your first Media Usage. After Usage "A" is complete, you may specify up to 4 additional Media Usages (B through E).
 A       B       C       D       E  
Select a Media Category. Additional Media Matrix Menus will appear after you make your selection. To complete a Media Usage, make your selection from each menu.
Media Category
Add Another Usage
After completing your selection of a Media Usage, you may create up to 4 additional Media Usages. If there is little difference between your usages, you can clone an existing usage and then modify the clone. Or, if the usages are in different media, you can "Build a New Usage."
Media Codes
The PLUS Media Usage Code combines into one string all of the Matrix-ID codes corresponding to your menu selections. Each Media Usage Code string represents one Media Usage. PLUS Media Usage Codes are designed to be machine readable, and are normally hidden from view. Human readability was not a primary factor in the design, but there is a visually apparent and logical structure. Learn more about Media Usage Codes.
Usage A
Usage B
Usage C
Usage D
Usage E
Media Summary Code
The PLUS Media Summary Code combines all of the Media Usage Codes for a license, end-to-end, into one continuous string. Representing all of the Media Usages applying to an image license, the PLUS Media Summary Code includes a PLUS header, a PLUS version code, a usage count and a checksum to ensure the integrity of the code string. Media Summary Codes are machine-readable codes used to communicate complex license data within and between applications, and are normally auto-generated and hidden from view. Learn more about Media Summary Codes.

To generate a PLUS Media Summary Code for your selected usages, click the button below.
You can continue the demonstration by using the PLUS Decoder to translate your Media Summary Code into a text description of the license. After generating a Media Summary Code, click the button below to proceed to the PLUS Decoder.

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