License Generator: Intro Help
Use the PLUS License Generator to create a PLUS Universal License Statement, describing the rights information that you have granted to a licensee. This free tool will allow you to export your license metadata in an XMP file that you may use to embed your license in a digital image.
Help on Media Permissions
Media Permissions
Select the one activity that best describes what you’d like to do.
Select a PLUS Pack

Select a PLUS Rights Ready Pack

Select Broad Rights (Royalty-Free and Other Broad licenses)
Select Custom Media Usages and Options from the PLUS Media Matrix
Generate a PLUS Statement for an Unlicensed Image
Use an Existing Media Summary Code
Use an Existing PLUS Universal License Statement
Help on Plus Fields
PLUS Fields
To start generating your PLUS license, select "Basic" or "Expanded."
Displays just a few basic fields, allowing you to complete a simple image license in two screens. You can switch to the expanded view at any point in the process.
Displays all fields in the PLUS Standard for a more detailed license profile. You can switch to the basic view at any point in the process.
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