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Desktop Software to Create and Track PLUS Licenses
HindSight's InView & StockView 5.5 introduce a number of new capabilities, most notably, the integration of PLUS as part of a new Licenses module. The software is the only desktop program to include such a feature.

A Terminology module now includes a PLUS panel for the assembly of the complete PLUS media licensing terms and a PLUS Media Summary. A series of pull down menus makes the process quick and simple. Even for those with no understanding of PLUS or licensing terms, it's now easy to create very complete and legal licenses to protect both images and the bottom line. Once the licensing language is assembled, it can be copied and pasted into any PLUS compliant software, or automatically linked with the new Licenses module.

The Licenses module in InView & StockView creates complete licensing contracts then stores and ages them. The module is fully PLUS compliant with the ability to create licenses using PLUS media terms and summary codes. It can also import or export PLUS XMP files. Reminders allow the user to schedule an alert when a license is about to expire and to issue a Notice of Expiration to the client; ideally leading to an extension of the license. The module has dynamic links to other modules in InView & StockView to connect it with Contact data, Digital Asset Management and invoicing.

Photographers, artists and other creatives, or their agents, have long struggled to properly assemble valid licensing contracts free of omissions or overkill. There have been few good models to work from, and those that did exist applied to only a few of the possible needs. PLUS has finally solved that and provided licensors and licensees with a common language and a complete vocabulary.